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Supporting the Academy and Useful Information

Term Dates 2016 / 2017

Autumn Term 2016

Opens Wednesday 7 September

Half Term 24 October to 28 October

Start  Tuesday 1 November

Ends Wednesday 21 December



Spring Term 2017

Open Wednesday 4 January

Half Term 20 February to 24 February

Ends Thursday 6 April




Summer Term 2017

Open Wednesday 26 April

May Day Monday 1 May

Half Term 29 May to 2 June

Ends Thursday 20 July

Academy Organisation

Our Academy is organised into Lower and Upper Key Stage 2 with a phase leader for each phase. Mrs Jordan leads the Lower School and Mrs Simper leads the Upper School. Children from the upper and lower schools follow different timetables which means that they have separate breaks and lunchtimeTeaching Assistants provide support for each year group and also provide special programmes of additional support for sensory integration, memory programmes, speech therapy, reading and behaviour supports.




Visitors and Visits

Outings, visits and visitors to the Academy ensure that our children are involved in a range of cultural experiences to support their learning. Parents may be asked to contribute to the cost of these activities. Children are unable to be taken on trips out of school unless a signed permission slip has been received by the Academy.


If your child is unwell please do not send them to school. Make sure you contact the Academy by telephone as early as possible to inform us about their illness. It is the responsibility of the parents/carers to keep the Academy informed about a child’s continued absence from school. If your child is ill you must contact the Academy to inform us about the reason for their absence and if they are absent for more than two days provide us with proof of medical appointments or prescriptions. You should speak to Miss Franks about your child’s absence.

If there are issues about a child’s poor attendance and the Local Authority Attendance Service is involved, medical evidence that confirms the reason for the child’s absence is always required. When a child suffers from sickness and diarrhoea they must be kept away from school for forty eight hours after the last time they have been sick or had diarrhoea. This prevents the illness spreading to staff and children.

Family Support

Family life can be full of challenges but at the Dogsthorpe Academy we make every effort to provide support for families whenever we can.

Our Family Support Service is led by Mrs Snowball and she can provide families with a wide range of services that can help make life at home much better for the whole family whatever the need. This includes helping with behaviour issues, Academy uniform,  supporting with housing and employment issues and other concerns.

Academy Medical Services and Health

The school medical service supports children and their families with any health concerns they may have. Occasional health inspections are carried out. Our Academy nurse is available for individual consultations with parents/carers if they have concerns about their child/ren.

When a child joins our Academy, we rely on the parents/carers to provide us with accurate and detailed information about any medical conditions that they have. Unfortunately it cannot be assumed that the child’s previous school has passed on any medical information.

Many of our staff have first-aid qualifications. Accidents are logged in our accident book. If a child receives first aid this is logged and parents are always informed in writing. Should an injury or illness require medical treatment from a doctor, parents/carers will be contacted and asked to ensure that their child is taken to hospital or walk-in centre.

Compliments and Complaints

Your child’s class teacher is best placed to deal with any queries that you may have but if you are not satisfied with the outcome then you can follow the Academy’s complaints policy (see our Policies page). The next step will be to take the matter up with the Principal who will involve all persons necessary in resolving the situation.

You can make sure OFSTED are aware of your feelings about our school by logging on to Optionstheir website at www.ofsted.gov.uk and signing up for Parent View which allows you to complete a survey about the Academy.

If you want to know anything we haven’t covered or you have any concerns, then please ask!