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Meet our Staff

Principal:  Mrs J Cranke

Acting Deputy Principal:  Mrs L Hawkey

Inclusion Lead: Mrs L Hawkey

Business Manager:  Mrs S Chapman

Family, Emotional and Social Support Leader:  Mrs M Snowball

Year 3 and 4 Phase Leader:  Mrs D Jordan

Year 5 and 6 Phase Leader:  Mrs J Simper

Year 3 teachers: Mrs D Jordan, Mrs K Smitheringale, Mrs H Dunford

Year 4 teachers: Mr R Tootal, Mrs J Naylor/Mrs L Hewitt, Mr S Hemraj

Year 5 teachers: Mr G Dullaghan, Mr A Knightley, Mrs A Harrison

Year 6 teachers: Mrs J Simper, Mrs H Hartley, Mr S Baines

Sports teacher: Mr K Elger

Higher Level Teaching Assistants:
Mr L Crowson, Mrs V Lang, Mrs M Hendy, Mrs K Brodie

Teaching Assistants:
Year 3:
 Mrs N Colegate, Miss M Cunnington, Mrs M Myers
Year 4:  Mrs N Hogg, Mrs E Laprun, Miss T Bewick
Year 5:  Mrs G Clifton, Mrs S Afzal,  Mrs K Burnham
Year 6:  Mrs A Tumber, Mrs A Watson, Mrs J Lusher

EAL Support Assistant:  Mrs V Golipad

Learning Mentor:  Mrs C Dawkes

Behaviour Support Manager:  Mr D Papworth

 Office Staff:  Mrs L Smith, Mrs M Horsley

Extended School/ Social Inclusion Manager:  Miss K Franks

 Dogsthorpe Den Manager:  Miss S Nutt

Child-Care Staff:  Miss J Hanley, Mrs K Vernall

 Midday Supervisors:  Miss J Hanley, Mrs K Vernall, Miss T Pollard

Mrs C Flatters, Ms AM Clarke, Mrs J Houweling

Site Manager:  Mrs E Lomax